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Grimaldi Industri AB, Stockholm, Sweden is the parent company of the Grimaldi Industri Group.

Facts and figures
Companies within the group include Cycleurope, one of Europe's leading manufacturers of bicycles with well-known brands such as Bianchi, Crescent, Monark, Gitane, DBS and Kildemoes;
Monark Exercise,
manufactures high quality test, exercise, transport and special bikes for all needs;
Karlsson Spools, manufactures spools for hydraulic valves;
Grimaldis Mekaniska Verkstad, sub contractors to the manufacturing industry;
Plockmatic International, document finishing solutions for the digital print market;
and a number of part-owned companies.

The Grimaldi Industri Group has more than 1,700 employees world-wide, a turnover of 300 MEUR and total assets of 250 MEUR.


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