Grimaldi Industri is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, and is the parent company of the Grimaldi Industri Group with more than 1 200 employees around the world. The majority of the companies within the group are wholly-owned. The Group operates in many different industries, for example, precision manufacturing and system technology, as well as bicycle and lifestyle.

Today Grimaldi Industri has a turnover of 350 million Euro and is owned to 100% by Salvatore Grimaldi.

We refine and develop strengths

To challenge, change and develop is the hallmark and strategy of founder Salvatore Grimaldi. For many decades, Grimaldi Industri has developed into a group where the professional commitment has been the compass towards success. By seeing the entirety, the possibilities and the potential development, the parent company today has a global business with a total turnover of 330 million Euro.

Our Success Factors

Invest in leadership

Focus on core activities

Identify and utilize synergies

Create flexible organizations

Hold flexible cost structures